Dr.Sorbie in Canada -How to choose your Dr.Sorbie Right

In this article we will talk about Dr.Sorbie brand in Canada.

Dr Sorbie is  a cosmetic brand that meets international quality standards; the ingredients are organic, free of parabens, harsh detergents and toxic chemicals.

Not tested on animals and no animal ingredients! It comes  straight from Israel to Canada.

Today we will talk about best Dr.Sorbie products for colour treated , damaged and bleached hair from Dr.Sorbie.

🌿  Dr.Sorbie TREATMENT nourishing shampoo is created based on natural ingredients specifically for dry, chemically treated, aging and colored hair.
Thanks to its rich formula and acidic pH environment, TREATMENT shampoo gently and delicately cleanses the hair and scalp, penetrates deeply into the hair structure, saturating it with essential microelements, and restores damaged areas of the hair, affectingthem from the inside.

🌿 Dr.Sorbie Conditioner SILK.
Effectively smoothes hair, makes it soft, shiny and elastic.
Gives a healthy and well-groomed look even to very dry, brittle and coarse hair.
Created based on extracts and oils, it has an amazing citrus aroma.
One of the properties of active components in an air conditioner is to stop and prevent accumulation
static electricity, which makes them more manageable. A positive charge attracts proteins.
With protection from UV and anti-aging factors. pH 4.5.

🌿 Dr.Sorbie  SMOOTH restorative therapeutic mask.
 Strengthens hair along its entire length - from roots to ends.
Ensures complete restoration of even severely damaged hair.
Relieves static electricity and does not weigh down hair.
Has a cumulative effect.
Provides easy combing and styling of hair.

🌿THERAPY oil complex.
Intensively nourishes, moisturizes, strengthens and restores hair, saturating it with essential beneficial elements.
Protects hair from the effects of negative environmental factors, mechanical damage, and also has a thermal protective effect during hot styling, preventing the destruction of keratin and washing it out of the hair.
Helps cope with split ends and prevents frizz.
 Provides easy combing and styling of hair.

 You will notice the effect  of Dr.Sorbie products after the first use!

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