Your eye skin care with Christina Cosmetics in Canada explained

Take care of the skin around the eyes with Christina Cosmetics in Canada!

Some of you may not know but Christina cosmetics came to us in Canada not so long ago but has already won the hearts of many women across Canada and USA.

A little background about the brand:

The emergence of the CHRISTINA brand is directly related to its founder, Christina Miriam Zehavi, a living legend in the world of professional cosmetics.

When it was decided to turn the family cream business into a full-fledged brand, the question of under what name to produce cosmetics was not raised - of course, CHRISTINA. At first it was a small laboratory, where leading Israeli scientists worked on the creation of funds, and already in 1982, the demand for highly effective products grew so much that production moved to its own factory.


Today we will talk directly about the delicate skin care around the eyes from Christina, which you can already buy in Canada at


So, let's begin to learn about eye skin care with Christina cosmetics in Canada:

With a huge variety of cosmetic products, it is not so difficult to take care of the most delicate and sensitive area on the face today. Each remedy promises to protect and preserve the youthfulness of the skin around the eyes.

What does our eye skin needs?

First of all, moisture. The most well-known component that creates elasticity and hydration of the skin is hyaluronic acid, and with it other components of the natural moisturizing factor. We nourish the skin and create a protective barrier. The main thing is to apply the products  in the correct sequence.

Cosmetics in the form of serums, gels, concentrates from Christina Cosmetics in Canada 

The task of moisturizing is best handled by special serums for the skin around the eyes:

Concentrate for the skin around the eyes and neck   Christina Unstress Eye & Neck Concentrate or products with gel bases - Gel for the skin around the eyes  Christina Forever Young Eye Zone Treatment.

How to use: Apply to cleansed and moisturized skin around the eyes regularly at home your home in the morning and evening. It is recommended to apply under the cream.


Eye Patches

These beauty products have long been a fashion trend in cosmetology. They are close in essence to any tissue or gel face mask and are impregnated with a composition based on hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients. Their task is to nourish, moisturize and refresh the skin. Patches give a quick filling effect.


How to use: Apply to cleansed skin. There is no need to use them if you have already applied a serum or gel. Patches are rather convenient on the road, as an SOS tool. After them, it is recommended to apply a cream on the skin.


The skin around the eyes needs constant protection and a lipid base. Therefore, the final remedy for any care for the area around the eyes is a cream. For example,  Christina Bio Phyto Enlightening Eye and Neck Cream.

How to use: Apply as the final step after cleansing the skin and removing eye make-up, as well as after moisturizing serum or patches.

Stay beautiful and remember that you can shop full collection of Christina Cosmetics online in Canada on

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