Shemax Dust Collector Style Pro
Shemax Dust Collector Style Pro
Shemax Dust Collector Style Pro

Shemax Dust Collector Style Pro


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Professional manicure dust collector Style PRO SheMax
Daily protection of the master's lungs from dust and super comfort during each manicure procedure


Metal grille with magnets

A stylish design solution is implemented in the grille of the SheMax brand logo, which gives the model sophistication and sophistication. It will perfectly complement any interior and become its bright accent, and thanks to the presence of magnets, it will make it easy to use and significantly reduce the process of cleaning the filter.


Working dust collection area - 24x17 cm

Thanks to a wide capture area of ​​24x17 cm (instead of the traditional 13 cm of existing dust collectors), the Style PRO SheMax horizontal dust collector will literally prevent dust from rising into the air or settling on objects. It instantly absorbs it, presses it under strong pressure and blocks it in the compartments of closed filters, turning the dust into tiny granules.


Centrifugal motor - 2 pcs.

The uniqueness of the Style PRO model lies in the presence of two centrifugal motors, which were specially manufactured for the SheMax company. A smart air flow through cast blades evenly captures dust absolutely along the entire perimeter of the model at a speed of 3.7 m/s, and the latest “air bowl” technology, like a tornado, directs it from the surface to the center, leaving no chance for dust.

The continuous operation life of each motor is 6 years.


Height 7 cm and weight 2.3 kg

The Style PRO model has the lowest height in the world - only 7 cm, and weighs 2.3 kg. The occupied area of ​​the desktop is 36x20. A stylish minimalist gadget with an exquisite designer solution designed by the author is adapted for any, even the most compact workspace. The Style PRO model will certainly make friends with your interior and tell all visitors about your subtle and refined taste.


High traction force - low power consumption

The Ukrainian company SheMax is the first plant in the world that specifically studied the ratio of traction force and power of existing dust collector models and developed a unique motor design. The motor traction force in the Style PRO model is 3.7 m/s with a power of only 54W. This significantly reduces energy consumption and significantly reduces noise levels, while maintaining dust absorption efficiency at the highest level.

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